Catrike Folding Trail
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Catrike Trail with convenient folding features is easy to store and transport. With a padded seat it is luxuriously comfortable. Best of all it performs like a Catrike.

Signature Color: Shiny Mango


Convenient folding

Everything stays in place on the Catrike Folding Trail. Simply fold for transport or storage and unfold when you are ready to ride. Nothing to disassemble or reassemble. It even has roller wheels so you can roll it when folded.


Stands upright & chain control

No mess - no touch chain management allows you to fold and unfold without ever touching the chain. For space saving storage, the Folding Trail stands on end.


Innovative hinge design

Rock solid hinge gives the Folding Trail a sporty performance ride


Padded seat

Luxurious padded seat adds a refined touch and stays in place when folded

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Catrike Folding Trail

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